Project in de sloppenwijken van Nairobi


Goals of the project Nihil Volentibus Arduum


The ultimate goal of the project is the realization of a health care/fitness center for MYSA which will be run by the Physiotrainers.

The goals of the project can be divided in short-term, middle-term and long-term goals.

The short-term goal of the project is:


  • To establish collaboration between the ESP Education Network and MYSA
  • Realization of an education program for 20 members from MYSA in:
    • First Aid by sports injuries
    • Basic principles of rehabilitation training
    • Prevention training in football,
    • Prevention of sports injuries
    • Prevention of non-communicable diseases

The middle-term goal of the project is:


  • Enable and support two or three MYSA members who have participated in the Education Program to attend a school for physiotherapy in Nairobi
  • The implemenation of training, giving courses and education for physiotherapy in general in Kenya. These courses are post-graduate courses for Physiotherapists or teachers from different schools for Physiotherapy.

The long-term goal of the project is:


The realization of a healthcare/fitness center in MYSA which will be organized by MYSA members. In this Healthcare/fitness center people from different disciplines such as Physiotherapists, MYSA Physiotrainers, Fitness instructors and all the supporting staff are working together for a better quality of life of the people in the slums


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